Foot Surgery Doctor

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Experience the thrill of being a superhero foot doctor in Foot Surgery Doctor Care! Play this exciting free doctor game and embrace the challenge of curing patients and bringing them back from trauma. Your clinic awaits!

In this game, you'll encounter injured patients with various foot and nail problems, including infections, fractures, wounds, germs, and abrasions. They rely on your expertise and skills to provide them with emergency foot surgery and nail treatments. Ensure your surgical tools are sterilized, and keep your emergency surgery hospital room prepared for the procedures.

Be cautious and careful not to cause further damage to the bones, nails, or skin while performing your duties. Utilize injections, magic potions, droppers, and all the necessary medical tools at your disposal to heal the patients' pain.

Step into the role of a foot doctor, ready to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Put your skills to the test and save the day in Foot Surgery Doctor Care!



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