Winx Hair Salon

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Welcome to Makeover Magic, where your dreams of becoming a talented hairdresser come true! In this exciting game, you'll have your very own salon and the freedom to decorate it just the way you like. Get ready to welcome a flood of clients through your doors!

In Makeover Magic, you'll have the opportunity to give magical haircuts to the beloved Winx Club girls. Put your fresh and stylish touch to work as you transform their looks and provide them with the best haircuts imaginable. Whether you're taking specific requests or improvising, you have all the tools you need for a stunning makeover.

So, step into the world of Makeover Magic and embark on a hairdressing adventure like no other. Let your creativity and skills shine as you work your magic on the Winx Club girls. Get ready to make their hair dreams come true in this exciting game!



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